UNI SHOWDOWN: AUC and UCU face each other again on the football field.

On Wednesday the 16th an important football match was played on the football field of AUC.

A person alien to the school dynamics and “traditions” might have thought that such game was actually not that different from the many others played among the University College League.

But most people know that this, was absolutely not the case. On Wednesday the two teams facing each other were the football team of AUC and the one of UCU (Utrecht University College).

Between the two teams there has now been for at least three years an intense rivalry.

Such rivalry is no urban legend, the players of both teams acknowledge it,  while their reaction to it seems to be really different, according to the player.

“One of the reasons might be that the two teams have always been the best of the entire league. Many times AUC has ended up battling for the first place with UCU.  Such thing has become sort of a tradition and UCU has become our rival”. Pietro Zappalà, AUC player, says.

“I consider the tradition fun. It makes the game more intense and fun to play, both teams give their best.” Salman Bocca D’oro, UCU player, says.

“The tension between the two teams could have not been higher than last Wednesday: UCU had, for the first time in two years, defeated AUC in the previous match, not only hurting its pride but also endangering AUC’s possibility to win the all league. In order for AUC to have a chance to win the league this year, it had to absolutely win the match on Wednesday”. Pietro Ponchia, AUC player, said.

Indeed, last Wednesday, both teams gave their best:  the first half of the game, the two teams had both many opportunities, without though actually scoring any goal. In the second half, AUC was able to score twice. Winning the game, and opening up another opportunity to win the league again this year.

” Both teams played well, unfortunately we were missing two strikers. It would have been a more interesting game if they would have been able to play as well” Boccadoro said.

“The previous match, UCU won the game 3-0. We did not expect that they would prepare so well for it, and we ended up losing due to our impreparation. This time we were ready to give our best, and the results agreed with us”. Zappalà said.

AUC can momentarily relax, enjoying its newly renewed pride. But the next match against Layden will still play a crucial role in the overall results of the league.

Luca Lomonaco


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