homework for friday

Exercise 1: rewriting the lead

  1. a) The Vatican appeals to its authority: television commentator has to resign from his position after criticizing church positions.
  1. b) Alcohol consumption gets out of hand: students celebrating the weekend cause excessive damage to the campus.

Exercise 2: write a short story

“Do the right thing”, the unusual afternoon of Pauline Janssen.

It was meant to be a quiet, regular day for Pauline Janssen, a 19 years old girl studying at Amsterdam University College.

She had eaten lunch in Nieuwmarkt and was getting ready to cycle back home, to the AUC dorms in Science Park.

However, while cycling past an ABN Amkro bank branch, she found an envelope laying on the street.

In a rush, she simply picked up the envelope from the ground and kept on cycling.

Once she got home, she decided to open the envelope: which surprisingly contained 50 000 euros in cash and receipts from Feenstra Flowers, a store owned by Claudia Feenstra the biggest flower wholesaler in the area.

Without any hesitation, Pauline phoned the bank. Explaining them the situation.

Pauline then rode back to the bank with the envelope, where she met up with Claudia Feenstra and Xavier Van Zeil, manager of the ABN Amro branch, she gave the money back and then rode her bike to the dorms once again.

When contacted by phone, pauline simply answered: “it’s enough just to do the right thing”.

Luca Lomonaco


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