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Amito Sorrentino

The 10th of February 2014 Amito Sorrentino died. At the age of 95.

He left behind two sons, a daughter and three nephews.

Born in 1919 in the small town of Scalea, in the south of the Italian peninsula. Even if he was born in a small village surrounded by a mainly rural area, Amito had the possibility of receiving school education, thanks to his dad’s job as the secretary of the municipality. After his early years spent in the village, receiving home school education from his mother, Amito Sorrentino received an higher education in a boarding school in Ancona, where he moved at the age of 15 for 4 years .

During WWII he joined the partisan resistant, escaping the Fascist military draft and living in the woods with groups of other citizens, forming the military resistance to fascism. With the Arrival of the American soldiers to the South of Italy he joined them, and moved upwards with them arriving until Naples.

After the war ended Amito Sorrentino was able to marry with Anna Rossi, an Italian girl from Milan, which he met while he was living in Milan. From 1947 to 1949 working in the bookshop of his cousin Aldo Speranza. Towards the end of 1949 he moved to Rome with his wife Anna and his new born son (Riccardo)  and begin a new chapter in his life working as an history teacher in the Italian state high school.

After three years in which he exclusively dedicated himself to his teaching career, Amito joined the PCI (Communist Italian Party).

From  1953 to 1956 he gradually became more and more involved with the communist party. Eventually running as secretary of the party for the municipality elections.

His Political and teaching career came to an end when, due to the growing tensions within the Party and a divorce with the wife Anna, Amito decided to move to Brazil (due to the connections he had with the family branch of his mother’s brother, which had moved there in 1911 with his family), in 1964.

After moving to Brazil Amito spent two years living with his cousin’s family working in the family restaurant in Rio De Janeiro. In 1966 he started managing a coffee plantation, thanks to the marriage he had with Mercedes Araùgo, whose family owned a Coffee plantation in the Northern part of Brazil in Marabà.

After moving with Mercedes to Marabà, to start working with the family business, he decided to adopt a baby with his new partner. The two adopted Berta, a child from a local orphanage.

In Marabà, Amito Sorrentino spent the rest of his life living a quiet retired life and occasionally taking a trip back to Italy to visit his son’s family.

Amito Sorrentino, born 14 June 1911; died 10February 2014



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