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proximity      migrants are plucked from sea off Libya, but 29 die Aboard Italian rescue ship

I decided to insert this news within the proximity criteria since I probably still consider Italy sort of a close reality to me. However, if I would have been from another place I would have put it underneath “Timeliness” or “violence/conflict”.

novelty        Beating Russia at Its Own Long Game

In this case I just have the feeling that the editors wanted to trick the viewer. The first association which I made when I saw the headline was that this story would have been about Ukraine. However, it is completely unrelated to it, but it seems to be meant to be read first before any other news concerning Russia.

human interest    Chip Wilson, lululemon guru, is moving on

I mean, simply by reading the title it seems to me that there could not be any  other category in which the article could fall

Impact                   Amid complaints in India, a real estate deal in Manhattan

Due to the fact that many people found themselves in a difficult situation I decided to insert within the impact category

conflict               Obama and Netanyahu clash from afar over Israeli’s planned speech

the article is focused around the fact that the two fought rather than anything else

timeliness         favorites off to good start in six nations

The tournament is happening right now and it is a sport event, so I think it just fits the category.

relevance      the Muslims of early America

I decided to insert within relevance due to how much interest has been raised about the situation of many Muslim Americans with the all terrorism paranoia which is happening right now.

Prominence     Slide show: partying after the Grammys

The only reason why I assume that such article (or slide show) could be considered anyhow newsworthy is simply because of how known the people which are portrayed in the pictures are

Luca Lomonaco


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