summary of four articles

As Technology Entrepreneurs Multiply in Vietnam, So Do Regulations

I found this article quite an appealing read for me. Generally I am not particularly interested in business or finance. However, there is one exception: I find incredibly interesting, while an economically emerging country goes through an economic growth, how usually the market begins to offer a huge amount of possibilities while the market regulations have yet to catch up with the sudden opening.

Therefore, every country tends to react in different ways to the burst and, even while imposing regulations, every country might be doing that for different reasons.


As I mentioned in the comment of the article above, I am quite ignorant when it comes to economics and business dynamics. Therefore, I really enjoyed this article. My impression is that the economical facts are just a background to narrate a story of a young financier which does huge and “dodgy” investments everywhere but is incredibly successful at what he does (sort of an Asian caricature of the character played by Leonardo DeCaprio in the movie “the wolf of wall street”. Moreover, ironically enough, the movie is actually connected to the main character of the article).

The all article could be transported into a graphic novel format: the young financier leaves any trace of morality behind and he simply becomes incredibly skilled at his job, leaving the entire business world astonished and confused. Probably what I enjoyed the most, is how the article does not actually focuses on giving a solid judgment of the financier’s action therefore leaving it up to the reader to form his own opinion about this really interesting personal story (there might also be really interesting economic anecdotes being narrated. However, I might simply be unable to properly grasp them, so I spent most of the time reading the article as some sort of new detective novel.

 Rapping a Revolution

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Others From ‘Hamilton’ Talk History

One of the things that interests me the most, and probably also one of the main reasons for which I decided to study Humanities, is the act of Storytelling. And how, through adopting different perspectives and/or switching standpoints it is possible to constantly reinterpret material which has already been existing for a long time creating a completely new product.

This time around, such process particularly interested me since the article could be seen as portraying a pillar of American history while giving the opportunity  to a certain part of the population, which has not had the opportunity of being represented for a long time, to reconnect to such history.

Picasso’s Granddaughter Plans to Sell Art, Worrying the Market

I think that this article could be seen as written with a technique quite similar to the article of the Malaysian financier: it portrays the dynamics of the Art business while making them more accessible through narrating the personal story of Picasso’s granddaughter.

What I found interesting was actually my approach towards the article. Due to the fact that I am quite interested in how the art market works I spent way more time focusing on the dynamics of the business rather than finding the anecdotes about Picasso’s granddaughter interesting. In a way, I did the exact opposite of when I was reading the Malaysian article.


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